Welcome to my home on the internet. I am a middle aged, fluffy, stay at home mother to five kids. Life is not perfect, but it is great! If you want to witness someone struggle with a special needs child, her faith, her marriage, weight loss, and life; you found the right spot. If you were hoping for perfection, keep looking. I have a great sense of humor and I love to uplift and pray for others, so send requests or drop me a line.

The story of us

If you want the FULL story, Chris and I met in 1996 on a blind date (they can and do work).  My then best friend was dating a then nice guy, I asked if he had a brother as a joke and the next thing I know I was being set up with a brother.  Fast forward a few days and I was told where to arrive, what time we would meet, and that I needed to look nice because she knew it would be love at first sight.  I arrived on time, looking oh so cute, and met the biggest goober of all time!  He spent the whole night making goo-goo eyes at me and tell me how beautiful I was, like I didn't know ;o) To hear his side of the story, he was told that he was coming over to watch some movies, drink beer, and hang out with his brother...no mention of a hot chick looking for love ;o)  So we spent the first night deciding we had nothing in common and I didn't like him at all.  I told my friend as we left the house that I never wanted to see that guy again, he was (and I quote) a GOOBER!  Fast forward again another few days and my friend and I decided to go to a bar that Friday night for some girl time.  As soon as we arrive, this HOT guy starts flirting from across the room, and I mean HOT.  He would make eye contact and wink, he got caught many times checking me out.  I was in lust (so not a christian back then).  We steamed up the bar, never talking, until the last dance of the night, Mr. Tall Dark and Mysterious arrives in front of me and asks me to dance.  Halfway through the song and in the middle of the dance floor, he tells me that he thinks I am pretty cute, but he won't waste his time getting my number because rumor has it that he is a GOOBER, he then just walked away, leaving me alone on the dance floor, picking up my jaw.  It was the dorky brother from the other night :-0   Later that night at the diner we always closed the bar with he was waiting for us to arrive and reserving a table for the rest of us.

We never looked back, we dated for 2 years, and got married on September 26th, 1998.  Bailey arrived in September of 1999, Morgan arrived in September of 2001, Christopher arrived in December of 2003, Emily arrived in March of 2008, and Madison arrived in January of 2010.

Chris relaxing at a Labor day party
Chris is the head cheese in charge of the family.  He was born to an Air Force family in the early 1970's.  He has 3 brothers (it was his older brother that was dating my friend, they have since married and divorced, and moved on).  He is a great husband and a wonderful daddy.  His 4 girls have him wrapped around their fingers and his son idolizes him.  He isn't perfect, he puts holes in his socks at record speed and he likes to argue with his adoring wife...but he is close to perfect. 

Bailey teaching little sister Emily to sneak up and scare mommy

Bailey is my right hand girl.  More mature than I can express in words.  She is home schooled because bullies suck and the school district in our town thinks kids are meant to be bullies, it helps them learn life lessons.  She is the instigator of all things fun in the house.  She loves her family fiercely and takes her responsibility as the oldest of five very seriously, she teaches her little brother and sisters all kinds of naughty things ;o)  Bailey wants to be a meteorologist when she grows up, so she is responsible for all the outdoor photos you see on the blog.  She loves photography and don't tell her, but Santa is bringing her a digital camera for Christmas this year ;o) (2010).  I love this girl!!

Morgan by our front door, always on the go
Morgan is a tiny firecracker that will burn your heart with love!  She is always on the go, helping someone.  The number one way to hurt her heart is to say she can't help you.  She has a wild mop of blond curls that are her signature at this point in life.  She loves her hair, but hates when people point out the curls.  She wants to grow up to be a doctor to help kids feel better.  This was dream before Madison, it is now a goal she plans her life around.  She loves to cuddle with family, but has thorns if you don't know her well.  She is sceptical of most people until you have proven your worth to her.  She is one of my heroes, she has the biggest heart and gives forgiveness so quickly, she is hurt easily, and just wants her little voice heard.  Goodness she is a delight!  I love this girl!

My Christopher and his dirty face
Christopher is an enigma to me.  He is brilliant to reason with and talk to, has the reasoning skills that surpass most adults I know.  Give him anything and he will show you how to make it into something else.  I think his motto is adapt and overcome.  The funny part is this wise, intelligent, reasoning being is wrapped in a little body that is completely unaware of the world around him.  This kid always has a dirty face (as any 6 year old boy should) most of the time he has not taken the time to button his pants, he rarely wastes time to find socks, never a pair that match, and he is always talking a mile a minute, and if you think he missed a word of what you said, you would be oh so wrong.  His teachers are amazed by him, as are his parents.  I have visions of calling him every morning when he is a college professor to make sure he put on pants and zipped his fly before going to work :o)  I love this little boy!

Emily, the princess of all things ornery
Emily is a fiery ball of energy that will mow you down if you dare step in her way.  She is horribly spoiled by her older sisters and brother.  She is always thirsty if you are holding a cup and can say the name of 100 candies that she would like to eat.  She wants to "go wit choo" anytime she hears car keys jingle and her favorite thing to say to an adult that she trusts is "I hold you?" asking to be picked up.  She listens well, and pouts when caught being naughty.  Breaks my mommy heart to punish her, because she will stick out that bottom lip and say "yes ma'am" when asked if she is sorry for being naughty.  She has a love of God I have never before witnessed in a two year old.  She will announce at dinner time I love you Jesus or say amen when someone shares good news.  I love to hear her and Christopher sing their Hallelujah song...melts this mommy's heart.  I love this girl!

Madison hanging out eating in her room
Madison is a precious blessing to our family.  She is our hero and we beg for the day that she suffers no more.  We will spare no expense and assuring she has a long and blessed life.  We will fight as a family to see her happy and healed.  To get to know her medical battle click on Madison's Story but to get to know her personality keep reading.  This little girl knows how to throw a fit...lol...but who can blame her.  She loves cuddles and would prefer to sleep no where else but mommy or daddy's arms.  She loves to see people give her attention.  She loves to lick spoons of baby food and we see more and more everyday that her little brain is all there and wanting to do so much, but her little body stops her most of the time.  She is quiet enough I think often she is sleeping when in fact she is checking out some new thing she has found.  She loves to crawl around and chase her siblings.  She loves her binkie and hates her tubie.  Oh how I love this girl!