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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wow, how is it April already???

I need to make this blogging thing a part of my daily habits.  Not that I have earth changing news daily, but I certainly can do better than I have been.

We are officially moved into our new home.  I am still organizing and unpacking, but with 7 people that takes time.  After much prayer and discussion Chris and I have placed Bailey back in public school for now.  So far all of us are loving the new school district, it is very small, and not so politically correct, meaning it hasn't really changed in the last 30 or so years.  The class sizes are small, they call it Christmas break, they sing hymns in music class, and the teachers are not afraid to discuss the Lord.  I can even make homemade treats and bring them to school for the kids and their classmates to enjoy...joyful and shocking. 

I am adjusting to being home all day with Madison and Emily alone with me.  We have a lot of fun and they are just such joys to me.  Emily coaches Madison all day in what to say. It sounds something like this...
     Emily "Say Mommy Madison."
     Madison "Mommy."
     E "Good job Madie, now say Pickle"
     M " Itle"
     E "Good job Madie, now say Cheese"
     M "Cheese"
     E  " Good job Madie, now say Thank you Emily, you are the best"
     M "No"
     E  "come on Madie"
     M...walks away hollering for her Mama

Pretty darn cute ;) I would post a bunch of photos, but sadly my digital camera was thrown in the midst of a temper tantrum by a certain little 4 year old and it broke.  So I am trying to the best I can with my pretty yucky not so smart phone.  That is also why I can't post photos of the house.  You will just have to wait, or come visit ;)  either one is great.

Bailey is adjusting to 6th grade kids and their complexities.  One of her best attributes (biggest issues) is that she is very mature for her age. Those of you that know our family testimony, this isn't surprising or shocking, but that girl is 12 in age only, her maturity is far beyond most of her peers.  So she doesn't get the everyday lunch drama of a 6th grade lunch table.  She also has little patience with bullying or teasing in a hurtful way, and she is also strong enough to speak out and call a spade a spade.  So she was surrounded by friends her first few days at school, but now that the dust is settling, she is finding she has 4 close friends, several friends, and a few enemies.  We had a long talk about safe and healthy boundaries.  I have a few women in my life that have broken my heart a few times, the exist still in my life because cutting them out totally would be wrong, they are sisters at church, or someone I mentored at one time, and a few might even be family, I am pleasant to them always, I just hold myself back from them, I don't give the ammunition or means to hurt me anymore.  When they ask how I am, I tell them I am fine, I may tell you some prayer requests, but they get small answers.  Hopefully that makes sense.  It is a lesson all women/girls/folks learn sooner or later in life, so Bailey and I had a long talk about it.  She doesn't have to be every ones friend, but she is to always be friendly to everyone....and their is a difference.

I will say it is hard to move!  I miss my friends in Sedalia so much.  I miss gathering with my girls around my table with coffee and muffins and gossip and stories and love.  Okay, most of you are laughing...very often we were in the living room, I was the only one with coffee and I only made muffins the one time...but in my mind it was perfect ;)  I am working up the courage to ask some ladies over for coffee, but I want the house to be "done" before I do.  

We have attended the local Baptist church twice now, and I have to say I really like it.  It is Spirit filled, the pastor is ON FIRE and wants the gifts flowing, it is one of those country baptist churches where you have the older generation that is stuck in the same place, they sing the hymns and occasional raise a hand or arm, then you have the other generation that is bringing in the Praise Band, we sit in the back and worship the Lord, and they are ready to break free.  The pastor does a great job of balancing the two and keeping everyone comfortable.  We are still praying and "shopping" for just the right place to call home.

I am going to try and get here regularly and let everyone know what is really going on in the Miller home :)