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Monday, November 21, 2011

Not of this World

Yesterday, as I stood in my church home's sanctuary, singing praises and worshipping my King, I felt that gentle nudge.  "Are you ready?"  He asked.  "Anything for you Lord." I answer.  Then he reveals it.  A revelation, a heart change, in the next hour, as my pastor spoke, Life was revealed to me.  It is a simple, yet complex, thing.  How like our Lord!  My pastor was reading out of the book of Ruth in our Holy Word.  As my pastor told the quick version of the story, I could almost see the Lord clear His throat, "Are you paying attention?" He asked me.  "I am Lord" I answered.

As the mother of four daughters, I am often caught in a loosely tight spot between the world's influence on my daughters, and the scriptural truth of raising daughters.  I want to release four strong Proverbs 31 women from my home over the next 20 years.  I desire for them to learn from the mistakes of the generations before them, and the generation around them, and they, my sweet daughters, would escape mistake.  That they would be firmly rooted in their faith, knowing and believing fully in why we do what we do, and how we made these choices.  I am frightened regularly that my influence is not always good and right.  "Stay focused Little One" He urged me.  "Yes Lord" I answered.

Reading the story of Ruth, I see God's fairy tale, but the difference is His always ALWAYS has a happy ending.  Ruth was quiet, bold, submissive, impoverished, redeemed, restored, renewed, and loved.  What amazing qualities in a young woman.  We see her in the lowest of lows and we leave her in the highest of highs.  We don't need Disney to write the story, God gave it to us thousands of years ago.  I have often cringed watching cartoon movies of mouthy, sullen, disobedient young women that live happily ever after, hoping that my daughters didn't pick up that characteristic, or that one, or that one.  Yesterday the Lord focused me on one of my favorite movies, Cinderella.  I have always loved the story and never really saw any of the disobedience in the story.  Yesterday the scales fell away.  Cinderella is the poor unwanted stepdaughter the evil stepmother has been saddled with.  Cinderella is forced to clean and care for the home and the occupants there.  One day she begs to go to the Prince's Ball, since all the women have been summoned there.  She cleans and cleans all day, and doesn't have a chance to see to her dress. No fear, the friendly mice have picked up (taken) and acquired (stolen) all kinds of things to make a beautiful dress for Cinderella.  Upon coming downstairs to join the family and leave for the ball, her cruel stepsisters tear apart her dress and leave her weeping on the floor.  The Evil Stepmother forbids her to go to the ball, and off the Stepmother and Stepsisters go.  Suddenly an Fairy Godmother arrives to transform Cinderella into the beautiful girl in the land, uses magic to transform animals into her carriage attendants, she climbs into a magically transformed pumpkin and off they go to meet the Prince.  The only caution is that the magic only works until Midnight.  She arrives, meets the prince, they dance, fall in love, she leaves at midnight, forgetting to tell him her name, and I am sure you know the story from there :)

Did you catch it?  The issues that were glaringly obvious as I sat on my Lord's lap yesterday?  Cinderella stepped out from under her authority and was disobedient and disrespectful. It doesn't matter if your authority is lousy, it doesn't matter if they are not serving the Lord, it doesn't matter what is going on, God calls us over and over to submit to our authority.  It is a very prevalent theme in both the new testament and the old testament.  Throughout the bible we are shown that submission is rewarded, by building the Ark Noah and his family were saved, when Lot fled Sodom and Gomorrah he was saved, when Paul preached the gospel under threat of death and imprisonment the Lord caused an earthquake to allow them to leave the prison, but he stayed and brought the jailer and his whole family into the family of Christ.  Most worldly fairy tales involved disobedience leading them to trouble and magic swoops them out of trouble and rescuing the lovely Princess.  I hate that message at the base root!  Magic is not allowed in our home, because magic is witchcraft, and witchcraft is the root of rebellion.  HELLO world! What is this message we are pumping into our children day after day? If I have to teach my daughters a lesson about love, why not use the two biblical examples of strong women in faith?  Ruth and Esther changed the tide of nations and did it while bowing before their beloveds.  Ruth literally laid at Boaz's feet and called herself his Maidservant, he married her because of her heart choices!  Esther saved an entire nation of people by wooing King Ahasuerus.  I love the movie "One Night with the King"  now THAT is a love story.
Great clean love story, in my opinion :)

I want my daughters to know they are Princesses, they don't need to pretend, they are daughters of the Most High King!  If they kneel before Him, and they ask for His will to be done in their life, they will get the Prince, the Kingdom, and the Happily Ever After we are seek.  Thank you Daddy for showing me once again your ways are so much better.

I know this may not be a popular thought, but I love Him enough to just not worry about it.  He asks us to hold ourselves apart and above, so I will.  I will get rid of all of our Princess movies and instead read my daughters the stories of two women that not only did things right but both are a part of the lineage of Christ.
The best photo of how these girls really act ever ;)


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